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Unusual accommodation in Mostkovice near Prostějov

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Welcome to Coffein apartments

We can offer four double-bed apartments in the Coffein apartments, which is located in the village of Mostkovice. The village is situated directly below the Plumlovská dam in a perfect location for both recreation and commuting to work in the nearby town Prostějov.

Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere our apartments, where design, comfort and quality are combined. There is a Coffein bistro – a quiet restaurant with a café on the ground floor of our apartment house. It completes the fancy experience and it will make you feel like coming back to us soon. You can relax in the garden directly above the river Hloučela during the summer.

Coffein apartment Mostkovice Prostějov

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In case of cancellation, the deposit is always non-refundable. In case of cancellation less than 5 days before the date of booking, the entire stay must be paid. Reserved dates cannot be booked.

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Each apartment is different, but you will sleep well in each one. What they all have in common is design, quality materials and English wallpaper. We have furnished the apartments with everything you need for a good rest. There are first-class Czech mattresses and sheep wool duvets for great sleep, or Czech cosmetics Manufaktura. All apartments are equipped with a large TV with the Netflix streaming platform, the best way to watch movies and series any time you want. Every time you come, you can try a different apartment or you will find the favourite one, to which you will be returning with pleasure.


It is the apartment with the largest bed and a corner bath, we call it “honeymooner”. There is a hidden door on the wall decorated with tree wallpaper – passing through it offers a direct access to paradise.


Have you ever watched the stars straight out of bed? Would you like to fall asleep in this bed? This apartment is the smallest, but the most cozy.


This apartment has a large living room. You can spend the evening not only in front of TV but also in the company of monkeys, or you can bundle up in a fleece blanket in the cozy bedroom.

Benátky (Venice)

A great destination for relaxation – the apartment has a large living room and a view of the terrace and the stream.


Coffein apartment Mostkovice u Prostějova

Reconstruction of a family house with a bistro and a café

The project draws on the fundamentals of the original house and its location. A very significant role plays also the genius loci of the place, which seems to have been calling for recultivation and rediscovery of its beauty and strengths for many years. The tall trees form a green canvas in front of our eyes - the river Hloučela, which is just gaining power - the sun, which plays a game of light and shadow with you. As part of the project, we tried to uncover these forgotten treasures and show them off. The very location of the original house with a garden almost in the middle of the village, easy access from the town and the Plumlovská dam nearby - these were other important aspects that formed the project.

Great attention was paid to the appearance of the house and to the impression it will make on the passers-by and guests. The shell of the house in the form of the exterior walls was preserved, the positions of the windows were harmonised. A light, though distinctive, crown was placed on the house to contrast with the somewhat more traditional and restrained appearance of the house. However, when approaching from Prostějov, it creates a strong element that draws attention and invites one to stop.

When choosing the materials, we thought of using those that carry a story and are not forgotten or discarded after their use in the construction of another. Emphasis was placed on the fact that the materials used would age with time and gradually change the atmosphere of the space. These are the aspects that have gone into the design of the house where you are now - hopefully a unique place. May you enjoy your visit! Ing. arch. Michal Prášil

Where to go

Mostkovice Plumlov (4 km) Prostějov (5 km) Čechy pod Kosířem (12 km) Olomouc (24 km) Náklo (28 km) Moravský kras (35 km) Bouzov castle (40 km)